Admin Professionals Week

Administrative Professional's Week : April 19-25, 2015 (Admin Professionals Day – April 22)

This was formally known as National Professional Secretaries Week and National Secretary's Day.  Harry F. Klemfuss of Young and Rubicam created this in 1952 as he recognized that the position was important and valuable to any business.

Klemfuss was a PR expert and his initial goal was to encourage more women to become secretaries.  As a result of promoting the role of secretaries,  he also created the holiday to recognize them.

As we well know, the name has changed over time as the role is no longer gender specific.  Today the term we are most familiar with is Administrative Professionals.  While the name has evolved, the importance of recognizing these “Rock Stars” on your team has not changed.

Some of the most common ways of recognizing your Administrative Professional(s) today are:

  • Flowers
  • Cards, often with shopping gift certificates
  • Assorted Gift Baskets
  • Take them to lunch 
  • Chocolates

For assistance with celebrating your Rock Stars, contact Celebrate Sweetly


p.s. You still have a chance to win a $50 gift for your Admin Professional.  Email one sentence to tell us what makes them a Rock Star.  Enter by 5:00pm Friday, April 17, 2015