Who Wants Free Water?

El Nino, the storm of the century is coming so forget the song – It Never Rains in Southern California because this year it will rain.

My question to you is this – Are you ready for El nino? Do you have your storm drains cleaned? Have you purchased a new umbrella, rainboots? Stocked up on food in case you can’t leave the house?

I’m nowhere near ready but I am very excited to learn that with a little planning and some rain barrels you too can get FREE WATER.. Now that’s something to celebrate.


California American Water says to:

Use rain barrels to capture rainwater that can be put to good use in your yard. By capturing rainwater, not only will you help conserve water, but you'll also save money on your water bill!

How much rainwater can you collect?

1 inch of rain on 1 sq. foot of roof = 0.6 gallons of water collected

1 inch of rain on 1,000 sq. feet of roof = about 600 gallons of water collected

Click here www.amwater.com for more information on the California drought and water saving tips.


Indeed,  everyday can be a celebration so if you're like me and you think Life is Sweet,  Go ahead and Celebrate Everything. If you need any help with your gifting this holiday season,  Let us know and we will be glad to assist. www.celebratesweetly.com 805-751-6177


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