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What Do You Know?

You’re only 11 years old…. What do you know?

This is the question that comes to my mind every time my 11 year old daughter reveals her latest plan for getting something she wants. Her sisters frequently complain that she always gets what she wants. I wonder why.

Mia is proving herself to be quite the savvy sales person. Before approaching mom and dad to ask for the new toy or new dress, she comes prepared with her research. It’s usually in the form of a contract detailing all the information about the desired item. Not only do you get the costs pre and post tax, and shipping, but you also get the visual. That’s not all. The document includes the reason why she would like the item and the list of things she will do in order to get it. The girl is fully prepared. Just in case you decide to say NO, you get the option of listing what she needs to do in order for you to say YES.

So what have I learned from my 11 year old you ask?. Does any of this apply to me in my business? Absolutely. As a business owner, I must be PERSISTENT, PREPARED and always have more than one PLAN.

I’m amazed that at 11 years old, she already gets it. She is well versed in selling her story. How About You?

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